A Puppy for Christmas? Let's try not to make mistakes!

Christmas is approaching and this brings with it a lot of joy, enthusiasm and a series of traditions and gestures of generosity. There desire to exchange gifts and presents and to fill homes with tenderness often leads, especially parents, to comply with the request a puppy dog.
We try to analyze the pros and cons, providing advice on how face this important decision that requires serious reflection.
Giving a dog for Christmas may seem like an affectionate gesture and Caring, dogs are known for their loyalty and love unconditional, and can bring joy and happiness to a family. Furthermore, it is often children who make this request, trying to convince his parents all year round to give him the much desired giftcub.
However it is really very important to consider carefully this decision before proceeding.
First, a dog is a long-term liability, can live even 15 years, so you have to be far-sighted and ask yourself if you are willing to be responsible for a living being for this time, to love him and take care of him even when, perhaps elderly, will require treatment or assistance.
A dog requires constant care, attention, dedication and time. Before buying or giving a dog it is essential to make sure that the family is ready to take on this responsibility and that all members agree on the entry of the new friend.
Furthermore, having a dog also involves significant level expenses economical starting from regular veterinary care, maintenance and prophylactic treatments without counting all those that can be unexpected events and emergencies.
They need daily exercise: as we already have said in a previous article “having a garden” is not a sufficient requirement and indeed it is necessary to bring the dog in walk or go for long runs in suitable places.
It is therefore important and necessary to evaluate in advance whether the family has the time and resources needed to meet these needs.
We also consider the well-being of the animal, a puppy given as a gift for Christmas it could be a pleasant surprise, but it could also be an unwanted gift for the person receiving it, it must ensure that the person and the entire family are ready to welcome a dog into their lives and that they are able to provide a environment suited to your needs.
The whole family must agree on the dog's arrival, because it must be accepted and desired by all and each member can, and must, be involved in the care of the animal, the opposite would create many discussions, tensions and would make it difficult to manage the our four-legged friend.
We have already seen in other articles that the dog requires time, attention and love and should not be considered an object or a toy, but a full-fledged family member. To avoid unwanted situations, if possible, it is useful to involve the person who will receive the dog in the decision discussing openly and sincerely about responsibilities and expectations related to the adoption of a dog.
Dogs are known for their loyalty and need to become true family members, our task as owners is precisely to involve them in everyday life. Let's remember who they are also very sensitive, they perceive and absorb many of the Our emotions and their behaviors are, in many cases, one consequence of these perceptions.
Our four-legged friends can bring company and affection and fun for all ages, their presence can also be a great opportunity to teach children respect for others animals and the responsibility of caring for a living being.
When a dog becomes part of the family it is always there a lot of enthusiasm and everyone always professes to be available to help do all the necessary things, take care of the dog and patients case of damage.
These promises do not always continue hand in hand with the growth of the puppy or as time passes from the moment of adoption, the commitment is often heavier than expected and this creates bad moods.
It would be important to prepare for the dog's arrival by reading books or by participating in courses, internships and seminars (many are open to listeners) so as to be able to direct oneself in the best way both in the choice of the breed in case of purchase from a breeding farm, or in adoption case of a dog arriving from a shelter.
The spaces inside the house must also be prepared for the dog's arrival, as we have already seen in other articles, it is important to set from rules and routines immediately and prepare the environments appropriately correct.
Dogs can make ailments, mostly due to mistakes in our management, but you must be prepared for uprooted flowers, potholes in garden and some gnawed objects it is essential to invest the as much as possible in their education.
A dog can be bought in a serious and professional manner breeding or adopted in a kennel, in both cases the choice must be accurate and the help of a professional can be helpful valid contribution for a peaceful coexistence in the future.
So, giving a dog as a gift can be a wonderful gift, as long as whoever receives is prepared and has the necessary possibilities to cohabitation but above all be ready to have a dog for many years, a puppy that will grow up and go from being a tender little fluff to a splendid adult.
Having a dog is a wonderful experience but also extremely challenging because it requires dedication in terms of time, resources and energy.


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